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avatar   Clip title: Sad Frog
id: 136
A tune made in Protracker v3.61 on the Amiga. File size is 25 Kilobytes. There are 3 tiny samples. A kick, snare and hihat. Synths are very tiny samples looped and manipulated via tracker commands.  
🔗sadfrog5.mp3 posted 29-Aug-23 ⇡ ⇣
avatar   Clip title: Bum notes
id: 135
Playing around with bum notes.  
🔗pp2.mp3 posted 10-Aug-23 ⇡ ⇣
avatar   Clip title: Non human biological
id: 134
Inspired by that daft alien stuff going around on Twitter.  
🔗non_human_biologic.mp3 posted 26-Jul-23 ⇡ ⇣
avatar   Clip title: tense
id: 133
Background loop for a game.  
🔗tense01.flac posted 20-Jul-23 ⇡ ⇣