deep metaphysical esoteric doom

avatar   Clip title: monotonous
id: 139
Layers of noise, filtered basses.  
🔗monotonous.mp3 posted 22-Nov-23 ⇡ ⇣
avatar   Clip title: Orcal
id: 138
Made this with the idea of it being a death/end game title screen tune.  
🔗orcal3.mp3 posted 16-Nov-23 ⇡ ⇣
avatar   Clip title: inter
id: 137
Slow building synth thing... Automated filters.  
🔗inter3.mp3 posted 16-Oct-23 ⇡ ⇣
avatar   Clip title: Sad Frog
id: 136
A tune made in Protracker v3.61 on the Amiga. File size is 25 Kilobytes. There are 3 tiny samples. A kick, snare and hihat. Synths are very tiny samples looped and manipulated via tracker commands.  
🔗sadfrog5.mp3 posted 29-Aug-23 ⇡ ⇣